virgin sex

Virgin Sex Stories

 First time stories of lost virginity, innocent virgins spread their legs and are forever changed.

Sexy Audit Girl
A professional auditor gets a sexual bribe from a beautiful young office worker.

Hart Family Retreat 2
In this story you get a more detailed account of a young white girl's lost virginity to a large very black Nigerian man. (Submitted by Jonathan)

Sex Therapist
A woman Dr. crosses the line when she indulges a young man's panty fetish and forces him to try oral sex for the first time. Yummy!

Mama knows Best
A virgin daughter seeks sex advice from her mother and lets her boyfriend be the first to pop her cherry.
Ice Capades
A young girls crush on a male skater seems hopeless until she discovers he has a secret and uses it to black mail him into having sex with a woman for the first time.
Lost Virginity
My parents allowed my boyfriend to spend the night once when the roads were snowy, and that was the night I lost my virginity.
Mike's Hand Job
Mike is spotted getting his first hand job at a movie theater, and now everyone knows.
Dry Hump
First sex just like it should be in the back seat of a car with you clothes still on.
Stock Boy
Nineteen year old Zack has sex for the first time with an older lady who is happy to be his first lover.

Sam's Cabin
After being lost in the woods a young girl looses her virginity to an older man.