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Her Maiden Aunt

Graham Leek had been going out with Katey White for over a year now and he worshipped the very ground she walked on. Katey who was a very pretty flirtatious rather proud young lady seldom kept a boy friend for long: 
she was twenty nine and lived with her maiden aunt Miss Tomlinson in a fine house with large bay windows and a well kept lawn. Graham was fifteen years older than Kate but he was putty in her hands and that was why the relationship went so smoothly.

"Now Graham its time you and I had a serious talk about our future you know."

"Yes my darling but you know how I feel about you I'm willing to name the day whenever you wish."

"Yes but there is the problem of Aunt Agatha and we need to discuss it sensibly."

"She can live with us my sweet just as she does now very little change will be required."

 " Yes I realize that, but I wish to speak of a much more delicate matter our sex lives."

"Surely she has nothing to do with that."

"Now Graham I don't want you to be offended but the fact is that Aunty knows about our relationship."

"How do you mean? surely not the details my sweet."

"Oh Graham yes! she knows what a naughty boy you are, how you like to adore my pussy, and she was most interested.  I was quite embarrassed but she insisted on knowing what you like to do."

"Good heavens Katey I can hardly believe it she is so prim and proper."

"Well she was young once you know and she had a naughty man just like you, and she loved the way he treated her." Graham suddenly realized where this conversation was going and it turned him on immediately.

"Oh my darling girl I'd be quite willing to pleasure your Dear Aunty anytime provided you did not mind that is."

 "I had hoped you would offer but it must be done according to Aunties instructions.  She really is quite shy and does not want to see you do it or talk about it with you."

"Heavens she need not be shy," Graham laughed. " I won't bite you know."

 Graham sat underneath the dining room table and over the table Katey placed a large white sheet which reached  to the floor right around the table. 

"All ready Aunt, "said Katey and Miss Tomlinson came into the room and sat at the table with the sheet over her knees.

"When I am finished Mr. Leek stay where you are until you hear the door of the room close,  you may proceed."

Aunt Agatha's legs were very plump and she had thick fat thighs with large hips. She had on a long skirt but no panties or stockings and her very hairy pussy looked delicious to him.

 Graham began slowly with butterfly kisses as he massaged her, sniffing to catch a whiff of her stimulated juices. Graham worked for a good ten minutes kissing and licking her thighs never once touching her wonderful puss and then she moved slightly forwards and he caught a whiff of fanny juice.

 "Mmmmmmm," he let out a deep sigh and gently nestled into her curls lapping at her labia.  Agatha gave a slight squeal and began to actively move,  she put her hands on the back of Grahams head.  She was obviously beginning to enjoy the session and juices welled up around her pussy lips.

The taste was a bit different from her niece, it was more fishy and had a  heavy oily taste.  Her labia were fatter and her clitoris seemed to hide under its hood. When his tongue touched her clitoris he felt her shudder slightly.  He slipped a finger into her warm vagina as he sucked on her shy knobby clit. 

Graham was excited now as he knew the old lady would come in his mouth. He just could not wait to feel her loose control and smother him.

His tongue moved faster as he forced one, two, and then three fingers in and out of her slippery wet cunt.  Her hands snuggly gripped the back of his head and thrust her pelvis at him. 

"Oh My Heavens!" she let out a scream.  Then it burst into his mouth an oily flood which he drank down. Before Graham had a chance to gobble down the surplus love juice Aunty rose and left the room.

Submitted by Tony Casey July 2010