Curious Girls

Hello everyone,

My name is Brianna and I have a confession to make.  I've never told anyone this story before.  It's a little embarrassing so please do not judge me.

I was nineteen and my little sister Kate was eighteen at the time.  My sister and I have always been very close.  We talk about everything with each other. You know the usual girl stuff boyfriends, make up, teachers and most of all we love to gossip about our girl friends.  You put 5 of us in a room and who ever leaves the room is the one we talk about.

Kate and I both have dark, shiny, straight hair. Everyone says we look a like. It made me feel good when people would say that because I thought Kate was so beautiful I wanted to look like her. I always wanted to do
everything that my sister did.

Anyway, Mom and Dad took Kate and I on a camping trip.  We camped at least once a month during the summer at a Erie Lake  park.  During the day we would go to the beach and in the evening we would go into town to ride rides and look for boys. Then we would go back to the campsite and sit around the fire. When we got tired we went to sleep in our tents.  Mom and Dad had got Kate and I a tent of our own. Kate and I knew they wanted there own tent so they could screw while we slept.

The last time we went camping something weird happened.  We all came back from town to sit around the fire.  Mom and Dad said they were tired and went to bed as soon as they got the fire going.  Kate and I liked that because we could smoke after they went to sleep.  Kate started talking about a young boy she had met that ran one of the rides in town. She went on and on about how cute he was.

After a while it was like I didn't hear a word that she was saying. I found myself staring at her face and her slim body.  She was wearing a tight tank top with no bra that showed off her tits so nicely.  Her perky nipples stood at attention as the cold of night set in. I moved closer to her and put my arm around her. I wasn't really trying to keep her warm I just wanted to touch her nipples. I wasn't sure how she would react so I brushed them with my elbow as if by accident.

Suddenly she jumped up and told me that she wanted to go down and take a shower before bed. This was great I already had a plan.  I'll go!! I told her.   There was no one else in the rest room when we got there.  There were 5 empty shower stalls all for us.  As soon as we walked it I told Kate that I had forgot to bring my own soap and shampoo so we would have to shower together.

I watched the water run down Kate's sexy body. I took the soap and rubbed it on her back. She moaned with pleasure and leaned back towards me. She was practically begging for more. I slowly moved my hand down over her smooth rounded bottom. Kate moved her legs farther apart and bent forward.  I slid my hand between her legs and gently massaged her tasty flower. I took the bar of soap from it's holder.  I slid the soap between my sister's legs and lathered her asshole and pussy. I slid the bar half way in her slippery hole. Don't forget the most important parts, Kate giggled.

I slid my fingers between her wet pussy lips and spread them apart.  Kate bent over farther as I searched for her clitoris with my fingers. I pinched her clit with my finger and thumb and gently tugged at it as if I was jacking off a small penis.  Kate was panting loudly over the sound of the shower. Kate let me taste you I whispered in her ear. I need to shave Kate told me. She took the razor and began shaving her pretty pussy. I watched as she pulled her lips apart and carefully slid the razor down them.

Kate turned to face me and kissed me square on the lips.  She slipped her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced together in a heat of passion. My sister wanted me as much as I wanted her.  Kate slid her hand between my legs and forced a finger inside of me.  She fingered my wet cunthole eagerly with a rage like passion. I spread my legs father apart as she tried to fit another finger inside of me.  It felt so good with my sister. She knew everything about me and I her.  Finally she pulled her sticky fingers from my throbbing snatch.

She stood straight with her legs apart. Kate's beautiful soft hair melted down the sides of her face under the water.  I got on my knees on the hard tile floor and began licking my sisters pussy.  I slid my tongue up and down her lips dipping it in and out of her. She tasted warm and sweat just as I had imagined she would. I spread her lips apart with my hand and sucked her clit into my mouth.  I teased her with my tongue as I sucked on her succulent nubbin. The taste of her was making me so horny.  I slid my thumb in her pussy hole and fucked with it. She began moaning even louder. I pushed my thumb in and out of her as I continued to suck on her lit. Occasionally I pulled out my thumb and sucked it so I could taste her awesome flavor.

She put her hands on the back of my head and held my lips tightly against her.  She began humping me face as if she was fucking a huge cock. Suddenly, her legs began to shake and she moaned very loudly. She shook as she erupted in orgasm.  I drank her juices as they dripped from her sticky flower. I stood up and my sister kissed me again. I wanted her to eat me too but it was getting late and we decided we should get back to the campsite before someone came looking for us.

Author D. Owoc