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Taboo Sex Stories

Taboo stories include sexual relations between family members, detailing forbidden acts usually kept secret
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Taboo Sex Stories
Her Maiden Aunt
A sweet and caring niece tries to help out her old Aunt Agatha by sharing her boyfriend for sex. What a couple of naughty little sluts.

Hart Family Retreat 3
Another great addition to the Hart family's interracial saga.

Necro Babes
Sick and twisted sex between a mother and daughter becomes even more unbelievable when mom turns to necrophilia.

Family Hypnosis
A young man fulfills his intimate fantasies by having sex with several of his cousins.  The family gets together in one hot forbidden sticky orgy submitted by (Stud30YrOld)

Family Hypnosis 2
The family saga continues as a young man seduces his favorite Aunt and finishes off another one of his sexy cousins submitted by (Stud30YrOld)

Family Hypnosis 3
Brother and two sisters create a family threesome like no other.

Hart Family Retreat 2
In this story you get a very detailed account of a young white girls lost virginity to a large very black Nigerian man.(Submitted by Jonathan T.)

Hart Family Retreat
The parents left their white daughters and son at a black African retreat for four days. (Submitted by Jonathan)

African Seduction of Three Daughters
African culture regards the seduction of sexually active women totally different that that of the western hemisphere. Sadly, there are no laws enforced and this practice often takes place. (Submitted by Jonathan)

A Mothers Obsession
An obsessed Mother lusts after the love of her own son and becomes so enthralled with him performs a forbidden sex act.(Submitted by Susan Sinn)
Family Entertainment
Fresh story of sweet lesbian sex between sisters and mom also gets thrown into the illicit mix. (Contributed by Sandy)

Training the Pussy
Mom Teaches Daughter how to train a husband to be obedient and comply to her every whim.

Training Pussy 2
Mother and daughters ritual becomes more extreme as they begin inviting friends into their perverted sex slave games.

Mom's Striptease
Sexy mom catches her son masturbating and seduces him with her seductive dance.

Forbidden Fruit
Mom seduces her teen son. This is really naughty a little rough around the edges but a good read..(Submitted by Star Gazer)

Family Hypnosis 4
In this story the author outlines a detailed background about himself, the man behind this sex family saga and how this sorted family affair became a reality. (Submitted by Stud30YrOld)

Family Hypnosis 5
A mother and her two daughters share one night of immoral unihibited incest with a alpha male in this family sex sage.

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