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Taboo stories include sexual relations between family members, detailing forbidden acts usually kept secret
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Curious Girls
Brianna tells this very personal sibling sex story of her and her sister in a innocent sexual encounter.

My Favorite Girl
Horny old drunk man is seduced by a luscious teen family member and weakened by the affects of alcohol he can not escape her sinful sex appeal.

One in the Same
A detailed account of a brother and sister sexual relationship that covers a span of several years, submitted.

Shower Gifts
A wedding shower turns totally bizarre when a woman's mother begins teaching her daughter the art of masturbation.

Billy Joe's Father
A father and mother together teach their daughter an important lesson about sex.

Granny Gets Laid
A short story about a very old grandma and her affair with a teenage boy.

Billy Joe's Mom
Billy Joe's Mom teaches her daughter how to pleasure herself and receive pleasure from another woman.

My Sister the Slut
My sister will do anything, she is the biggest whore and this story is the account of a typical day with her me and a friend.

One in Three
Forbidden family story about a father and his three lovely daughters in a perverted love triangle, which sometimes include Mom.

One in Three 2
The saga continues as this fathers obsession darkens and it takes even more for his daughters to please him.

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