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White Boy 2
Eighteen year old white boy gets taken again as his big black stalker becomes more persistent, and finally gets him alone. (Submitted by Jonathan Thackary)

Sex Therapist
A woman Dr. crosses the line when she indulges a young man's panty fetish and forces him to try oral sex for the first time. Yummy!

Life is Good in New Jersey
This is a true story submitted by a reader who would like to remain anonymous. Short but a nice insight of man sharing his sexy young girlfriend with a buddy.

Family Hypnosis
A young man fulfills his intimate fantasies by having sex with several of his sweet unsuspecting female cousins in one hot sticky orgy. (Submitted by Stud30YrOld)

Family Hypnosis 2
 The story continues as a young man seduces his favorite Aunt and finishes off another one of his sexy cousins. (Submitted by Stud30YrOld)

Family Hypnosis 3
Dr. Claibourne expands to Michael's closer relatives, family members get dooped into having sex with each other during hypnosis.

From Southern Ireland
A young woman shares her first time intimate lesbian experience. (Submitted by Niall Murphy)

From Southern Ireland 2
A married woman with a lesbian lover becomes even more daring as her female lust strengthens. (Submitted by Niall Murphy)

She Loves Gangbangs
Mom and her two daughters get together for one night with a very willing participant. (Submitted by Stud30YrOld)

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