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Erotic stories of lesbians passion, girl on girl fiction by women detailing their sexual short stories of sex between women.
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The Tennis Pro
An innocent young tennis professional gets a lesson in lesbianism from the big league girls.
Job Interview
A desperate woman will do anything to land a good job at a good company including putting her heterosexual tendencies on the back burner.
Ladies Club Night
A ladies card club gets sticky when one woman offers the others an interesting surprise.

Cable Dyke
A sweet lipstick lesbian couple gets fucked hard by a big blonde dyke.

A married southern girl takes pleasure in the arms of a woman at the request of her horny husband.

Secretary's Day
Jan the secretary sympathetically comforts her gay boss who is torn between a lover and her husband and quickly becomes her boss's next conquest.

Ingrid's Vacation
Ingrid takes a cruise and is introduced to lesbian sex by a very sexy woman she is forced to share her cabin with.

Heather Likes Girls
Heather looks at her friend and neighbor Jan, in a new way and the two become lesbian lovers.

Girls Watcher
I woman gives her honest account of  what she secretly watched a lesbian couple do at a public swimming pool.

The Nymph
An older woman gets her first taste of sweet young pussy, and becomes instantly addicted to the smell and the taste.

Lingerie Lesbians
(Submitted by Nico) A sixty-eight year old Granny and a twenty year old sex kitten become romantically involved in this original.

From Southerland Ireland
A young woman shares her first intimate lesbian experience with the world in this girl on girl story (Submitted by Niall Murphy)
All Girl Friday
Good friends get to know each other a little more intimately after a few drinks unchain their inhibitions and heightens their curiosity.

Old Friends
Old college friends who are now both married and pregnant find each other again and reconnect.

The Hostess
A female hostess goes out of her way to please her friends with sexual favors.

The Urge
A dainty lipstick lesbian gets introduced to rough sex by a strong dominant dyke.

From Nowhere she Came
Two Moms meet at their children's game and soon become lovers. (Submitted by Helen Smith))

Julia's Foursome
An erotic lesbian sex story set around four sexy women who become romantically involved in a foursome.  (Submitted by Sandy)

A Friend in Need
A day at the mall becomes extremely fulfilling  when one woman seeks fulfillment from another.
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