Interracial Sex Stories

Different racial groups mix and cross all cultural boundaries in my collection of erotic stories, involving interracial couples,
and groups of uninhibited peoples exploring what use to be considered taboo sexual behavior.

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My Wife's First Black Cock
A caring husband brings home a black friend to share his wife with, and the sexual experience marks the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.
Garbage Man
A cheating house wife flirts shamelessly and seeks sexual release in the arms of her dark skinned garbage man.
Fun With Gold Diggers
Two black women gold diggers conspire to blackmail a rich politician out of money with the promise of sexual favors. This story is still a little rough around the edges but a fun interracial story.

Kenny and I
A young interracial couple fight the constraints put upon them by todays society and a white girl's racist father.

African Seduction
A breath-taking interracial sex story involving the seduction of three white daughters.  African culture regards the seduction of sexually active women totally differently than the western hemisphere as demonstrated in this story of seduction.

Black Safari for Sophie
The story of the African seduction of a mother and her young daughter as they discover Africa on their first Safari. An exhilarating work by one of my very favorite Authors.
(Submitted by Jonathan T)

Black Safari for Sophie 2
A white Mother and her teen daughter are the center of an interracial group sex story when an innocent African Safari goes awry.

Black Safari for Sophie 3
This part three of a interracial and international original sex story of African seduction submitted by Jonathan T.
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