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 Fantasy stories in imaginary worlds of make believe includes science fiction, magic, and ghosts stories.
Welcome to my world of make believe where anything is possible

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Kristens Fantasy Story

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A Wife's Fantasy
Fantasy Girl
Dark African Fever
Seduced by my Stalker
Secret Yearnings

Earth Rape
An alien creature takes the form of a human male and repeatedly rapes several earth women in this captivating sci-fi thriller.

Two Girl Sex Adventure
A lucky man in the right place at the right time becomes a part of a cultural ritual in a foreign county.

Body Parts
A father watches helplessly as his daughter is violated by a filthy punk, eventually he grows big enough balls to take revenge for the loss of his daughters innocence. 

A Swallow's Bite
Takes place in Tokyo a fantasy spy drama surrounding a sexy Asian seduction involving forced sex, and blackmail.
Serena Meets a Vampire
A young lesbian witch Serena, meets a vampire who brings her to submission and awakens her heterosexual self in this fantasy story. (contributed by JR Parz)

Rock and Roll Fantasy
A small town girl meets a really famous rock star and their chance meeting opens her mind to new ideas, in this rock and roll fantasy.

Tasty Ice Cream
In a small town the local ice cream parlor doubles as a pleasure palace in an alternate universe of  make believe. (Author D. Owoc)

The Divining Rod
Down on the farm a young cowboy blackmails an older ranch owner into sex for water.

My Mail Man
A board married woman fantasizes daily about her mailman and becomes obsessed with him so she wrote this for him.
Erotic Cum Story
Ever wonder what really goes on in a woman's mind when she masturbates? This is a peak inside.

Hard Santa
This is a goofy fantasy story surrounding a young girl and her obsession with Santa Claus.
Grave Yard Seduction
A grief stricken widow meets a extraordinary woman who consoles him with comfort and the allure of her voluptuous cold body. (Author D. Owoc)

Supernatural Seduction
A woman gets seduced by a ghost after moving into a new home. The seduction begins with forced sex that quickly becomes consensual.

Naughty Talk
A woman gets talked into an orgasm at work by a man she has never met, and the mystery consumes her.
Lover's Desire
A husband drinks a love potion to make himself more desirable to his wife but the story takes and odd twist when.....
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