couples sex stories

Couples Sex Stories

Straight couples sex stories, one night stand with strangers and married couples spicing things up

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Black Maill
Black janitor blackmails a white office girl for sex
Desperate Couple
Desperate man meets freakishly strong woman and the two in desperation become a couple.
Clint Pays
An older gentlemen tests his sexual ability with a retired prostitute and finds comfort in her loving arms.

Tara in Vietnam
A well  written couples story which takes place in Vietnam. An American man becomes involved in a romantic interlude with a young Vietnamese woman who's father was outcast by the mainstream Vietnamese.

The Salesman
A nervous salesman gets seduced by a seductive company President.
Stripper Friend
Bobby finally gets some alone time with his favorite stripper.
Party House
A drunken party brings together couples for a one night stands, but this party could produce a long fulfilling relationship.
Party House 2
Another sexy encounter with my school chum Dave cements the foundation of our relationship.
The First Lady
A Couples Sex story of Presidential statue involving the first lady of the United States.
First Lady 2
The first ladies transformation to a common crack is complete and her adventure comes to an end.
The Mile High Club
Strangers make great lovers at least according to this couples story.
Jim's Toy Story
An experimental couple boldly go where they have never gone using their imagination and a few assorted sexual devices.

Couples Sex Stories
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