Cheating Wife Stories

Cheating Wife Stories

 Cheating stories include cheating husbands untrustworthy spouses, and secret affairs.
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The Patient
A cheating house wife turns a regular Doctor's exam into play time.

A cheating husband gets caught with his pants down and his bride takes it a little too well.

Ode Of Lust
A lonely young bride exposes her hidden lust for a younger man, and faces her guilt.

Nudist Gym
A married couple gets separated at the gym and a cheating wife gets pleasure from a young massage boy.

Cheating Sister-In-law
A married man surrenders to the seductive charms of his wife's sister.
The Hostage
A woman gets violently abducted, but her captor is so attractive she soon succumbs to his masculine allure.
The Dancer
A sexy male stripper is abused by several women in this bizarre sex story.
Frank and Kathy Lee
Frank and Kathy plan a night at home with another couple who enjoy the swinging life style, and things get wild when Kathy starts pouring the wine.
Alpha Male
A cheating wife's passion and curiosity consume her, and she submits to the spontaneous affection of her husbands co-worker while her husband watches.

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