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Sexy teen babysitters the ultimate fantasy of married men everywhere. What man can resist the flirty schoolgirl skirts, knee-high stalkings and those tiny little tits stuffed into a tight white blouse. These thrilling babysitter stories entice the reader and dampen the appetite for the unattainable teen.

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A Love Story
A 50 year old man meets a school girl and makes her his love slave and his babysitter. A mother to his son in the daytime and a cock hungry whore at night.
The Babysitter
(Submitted by Merry Anita)  Great story from a new author about a nineteen year nearly virgin teen and an older married man.

Intoxicating Neighbor
Teen Jenna gets high and looses her virginity to and older drunken neighbor
Brian, who quickly takes advantage of the innocent babe.

The Livin Sitter
A married couple forms a kinky love triangle with their baby sitter.

Babysitter Grows Up
My babysitter and I are all grown up now, and this is my sex story of a recent encounter I had with her.

It Happened
An older man is overwhelmed by the seductive charms of his teenage babysitter, and is forced to submit to her heavenly allure.

Amber Takes Two
Amber gets caught having sex with her boyfriend and is blackmailed into a threesome with her  employer and her boyfriend.

Babysitter Makes Three
Although it was not our intent, my wife and I had a wild threesome with our babysitter. The affair brought the three of us closer and sparked the beginning of a long and healthy love triangle.


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